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Firefox plugin?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thanks for this excellent program.  I was wondering if you might publish a Firefox plugin, so that 'fbm' files could be viewed in a browser window?  Thanks, Bruce Hallman

    • IanM

      IanM - 2006-12-18

      I've found that exporting to obj format gives a file that can be converted to VRML, monochrome grey.  This file can then be read into browser plug-ins.

      I have used 3DWin5 from RheinGold to convert 3D model format and Cortona to view on Netscape 8.1.2/Firefox succesfully.  The only draw back being, the model is not the right way up on opening (fiddle the parameters in 3DWin5) and is grey.

      Marven, can you add a VRML export function? its not too disimilar to OBJ in technique.  Transfer of surface colour would also be cool.

      Keep up the excellent work


    • IanM

      IanM - 2006-12-19

      Better still, I've managed to get orientation and SOME colour involved using Art of Illusion v2.2.1 ( currently at v2.4) by importing the freeship exported obj file into art of illusion. The texture can be set to some universal, singular colour, then the whole exported to VRML.

      Personally, I prefer to use standard techniques, such as VRML, rather than FBM due to the greater portability of downloaded software for the client.



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