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  • Chris

    Chris - 2006-05-30

    First of all I would like to say that I am very pleased with Freeship, it is a very good tool. I was one of the users who requested the "background image" feature and it works fine, especially since it is possible to drag and drop the origin. Thank you Marven for the development. The new bulkhead wizard in the new version will probably be very useful too.

    I'm not very interested in calculations/predictions (for the moment, but I understand why so many people request all those features), but rather in CAD capabilities. I think that Free!ship could be greatly improved by adding the following features :
    - points alignment : this is very handy, but it works always in three dimensions. Would it be possible to have it work in only one dimension (the current window, for instance), or two, or three, depending on the user's selection ? Sometimes, it is useful to align points only in one direction.
    - merge points/edges : would it be possible to have a "merge" feature for points or edges, very often the only solution to "join" elements is to have points or edges exactly at the same location, and it would be a benefit to merge them (when possible)
    - small inputs with the arrow keys : I think it would be very handy to move points more accurately with the arrow keys, rather than the mouse, but currently they move by large amounts (0.1 m on my projects) and it would be interesting to have them moved almost pixel by pixel on the screen.
    - perpective view : would it be possible to change the direction of the light ? 

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    French user

    • martok13

      martok13 - 2006-06-24

      I would like to see all those features too.

    • martok13

      martok13 - 2006-06-24

      Plus one more feature. have the ability to turn off control points. so we can either have one row or column visible.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The point-alignment within one plane would indeed be a very helpfull addition.

      Chris: you can change the increment step by clicking on the status line at the bottom of the screen ;)


    • Chris

      Chris - 2006-07-03

      Thanks Tom, you're right about the increment step !

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have used FreeShip recently and find it a very useful piece of software. Great job by the developer!

      It might be useful to introduce trimming functionality so as to enable a more convenient way to develop complex intersecting surfaces. The 'intersect layer' function does not seem to give an exact intersection of two surfaces and inclusion and/or adjustment of the nearby control points are neccessary to give as good fit as possible. Prehaps the new 'trim' or 'intersect layer' function can automatically introduce new control points and adjust them accordingly so that exact intersection of two surfaces can be achieved.

      Thank You.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I recently downloaded V 2.6 and find it to be a great design tool. Easy to use + lots of nice features.

      Is there an automatic way to force tangency of a surface accross the centerplane mirror plane?

      When using the curvature combs on intersection curves, buttocks, waterlines, the combs go in all directions even when they are visually quite fair.


    • Nick Thomson

      Nick Thomson - 2006-09-23

      Great software.  Kudos to the developers.  I'm using V 2.6

      I would like to see a measure/distance function.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      hi, im a 23 year old canoe fan from the Panama Canal Area. i would love to have the ability to print various profiles of the boat as to be able to build a canoe using ¨ribs¨
      If any one has an idea hoy i can print profiles please tell me..

      What i want is to be able to print avery curve on the way from bow to stern, it is a 30 feet canoe and i want to print at least 30 curves to build my ribs that way.



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