Locking points and edges

  • Heikki Levanto
    Heikki Levanto


    it is me again, with more feature requests. Please don't think I don't like FreeShip as it is, I just want to make it better.

    When extruding decks, transoms, etc., it seems like I have to manually set the y-coordinate to zero on all points that should go to the centerline. And when moving those points around, they tend to wander off from the centerline, and I will have to go back and fix them.

    It would be nice if the points could be locked in three dimensions separately.

    It would also be practical if I could get a dialog with the xyz coordinates (and locks) for a whole edge, when I select one, just like I get for a point when I select a point.

    And when extruding, a little button to extrude to the centerline, which would automagically lock the y-coordinate to 0.

    These are small wishes, that I think would make my life a bit easier.

    Keep up the good work


    • Marven

      Thanks Heiiki for all your suggestions. In this case there's also another solution: After the extrusion the new edges are by default selected. Leave them selected and use the transform-scale command from the menu to scale all selected edges with 0.0 in the y-direction. That puts all the points on the centerline in one single pass.