Gz curves

  • Heikki Levanto

    Heikki Levanto - 2006-11-05

    It may be that I just don't understand how to use the cross curves, but it would be nice to get the more familiar (to me) Gz curves, or rigthing moments as function of the angle of heel. Would this be difficult to implement?

    Thanks again for a nice program. Sorry I can not contribute more directly, but I don't do Windows nor Delphi.


    • gianlisi

      gianlisi - 2006-11-05

      you can check out this old post of mine


      I had the same problem as you.

      This was Marven's reply to me, I think it can be usefull
      "GM is the metacentric height when heel is (almost) zero. In that particular case GM=KM-KG. Under larger angles of heel the metacentric height shifts and is called the virtual metacenter (denoted by N). Its height above the keel is KN. If you know the height of your center of gravity above the keel (KG) than you can calculate the righting arm as follows:

      GZ=KN sin(ø)-KG*sin(ø)

      where ø is the heeling angle "
      Have good work


      • Heikki Levanto

        Heikki Levanto - 2006-11-06

        Thanks. That looks like it makes sense.

        • gianlisi

          gianlisi - 2006-11-07

          Thank Marven!!! :-)

          Have fun



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