Accuracy of 3 views?

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    I've drawn the lines of a vessel using Freeship and have noticed that there is a slight difference between a buttock height at a station on the profile view and the same buttock at the station view - about 1/4" difference in height.  I did zoom in very close to verify this with the coordinate readout on the screen.

    What kind off accuracy is typical between the 3 views - stations, buttocks, waterlines ?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I was drawing a developable hard chine plywood hull with long keel. FS worked fine.
      Then I noticed that the form might be possible rounded with double diagonal plating.
      I locked the chine and bottom/garboard line points. Then I removed the knuckle option
      of the chineleaving the garboard joint knuckled.. The hull got beautiful lines except:

      At the transom where the garboard - in fact a long keel - meets the round bottom
      the transom line is rounded all the way down to keel, leaving the control point
      inside the hull. Along the length the line is knuckled.
      At the first section (+0.35 m) the corner is acute already.

      Lauri Levanto


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