Abbreviations in resistance calculations

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    just playing with FreeShip - wonderful work, btw - and trying to understand it. Noticed that in the resistance calculations, the program calculates a lot of fine numbers, and shows them with a long name. Then, at the bottom of the calculation, it calculates a few more values, but only gives me very short names. For example "Bwl/Tc 1.98". Finally it tells me that this "Bwl/Tc" is out of bounds.

    It would help the learning curve greatly, if the first section would have the abbreviations next to the long names of the values, so that a simple user (me) could see what Bwl and Tc are, and where they come from. I recon Bwl is beam at waterline, but it should say so: "Beam on waterline (Bwl)".

    I guess this is more of a feature wish, sorry if I posted it in a wrong place.

    • Heikki Levanto

      Heikki Levanto - 2006-11-05

      Another comment: I have several times run into a situation where the calculation doesn't say anything. I suppose it is because some of my values are totally out of bounds.  It would be quite helpful if the calculation module could tell me why it is not giving any results.

      Even better, the default values for the resistance calculations seem a bit strange: Speed range 0 to 0 knots, displacement 0.00, and so on. If no values have been entered, why not default to something reasonable? Or if those come from somewhere like project settings, why not have reasonable defaults there?




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