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Developing Plates Issue

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am posting anonymously because I am having the same luck logging into the FREEship forums as I am developing plates on the Freeship Version 2.6. I am attempting to design a 20', single chine, V-bottom skiff for plywood construction. My goal is to obtain patterns of the side and bottom panels. I started with a new project and forced chines into the round hull with the crease command. The Developability image shows the panels green and the chine red along its full length (the problem?) When I attempt to develop plates I only get patterns for what is above the DWL for both the side panels and bottom panels. I'm missing everything below the DWL. The little white lines on all of the face panels point out, away from the hull, the interior edges are on, I seem to have established the two necessary layers (Layer 0 - sides, Layer 2 - bottom) judging from the layer coloring scheme, and the developability feature is turned on for both layers in the Layer Dialog Box. Right now I have a perfectly flat bottom boat and I really want a V-bottom boat. Any suggestions?

    • Toni

      Toni - 2007-01-11

      Well, I didn't really follow what the problem is, but let's start like this 4-panel simple boat by plywood;

      1. Create new model with 3 points in vertical direction.
      2. Select the edge between sides and bottom and crease it.
      3. Goto layer dialog, make layer 0 developable and create new layer and make it developable.
      4. Click "show interior edges" to visible and select the bottom or sides and change the whole boat-lenght panel to another layer
      5. Goto "Develop plates" and you should see all four panels there. If you have "show interior edges" and "Highlight compressed..." selected there will be blue lines marking excess streching in the bottom panels.
      6. Selecting "Gaussian curvature" in some of the windows will show streched areas in red color.

      So it's quite fast. Maybe you'll notice where you did it wrong in the first place.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for the rapid reply. I went through the procedure again following your instructions, which I'm sure I followed before without any luck. I was still only seeing patterns for the hull panels above the waterline. I then started experimenting with each of the command buttons at the top of the Plates window and found that if I turned OFF the "Show the submerged surface areas in a different color" feature, the full panels (with dimensions extending below the waterline) appeared. Everything below the waterline disappears when the feature is turned on. I'm assuming it has to do with selecting or shading the part of the hull below the waterline, but I have not figured out how to do that yet.

    • Toni

      Toni - 2007-01-12

      So, you have selected white as submerged color and thus the submerged panels will be drawn white. And you have selected "show interior edges" and disselected all waterlines, buttocks, stations etc.

      Just move your mouse to all the buttons and test how the view will change. The balloon help will also appear. A note; "Highlight compressed edges" works only with "show interior edges". Not sure why it's like that.


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