linux wine Invalid Floating Point Operation

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    I'm running FreeShip under fedora 4 with wine.
    As soon as I try to select a surface I ghet the error message "Invalid Floating Point Operation"
    Thanks for reading this.

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      I remember, having had the same problem, but forgot what was the solution. Try to find the output of wine, it may complain about missing "windows" files. I remember having changed the reference to some richtextbox handling file in wine for a program, this may have been FREE!ship.

      By the way, what are your versions of FREE!ship and wine?


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      Hi Steven,
      Thanks for reply.
      I'm using wine 0.9.13 and FreeShip 2.6
      How do I find wine output and how do I change reference in wine ?

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      Hi Andrea,

      You can get the wine output by running FREE!ship/wine from commandline: wine /path/to/FREEship.exe

      If some error occurs, it will be written to your terminal. By the way, you config seems to be pretty up to date, my error occured some versions of wine and freeship ago :)

      Howto change the reference, I don't know right now, I'll have to check this later (at home, I'm working under windows at work :( ).

      Does this error occur with all/most of the freeship models you use?

      greetz, Steven

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      It's working now, usually I started FreeShip just clicking on the Freeship.exe icon, I have now started it the way you told me, wine/path/freeship and it did work but than I tried the clicking again and it still worked ?????
      Any way, it work ! and thank again for your mails.
      I have experienced some stability problem under windows XP also.
      Are you expert with FreeShip ? have you built any boat ?

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      Hi Andrea,  I checked where to change/override dll in wine: Run winecfg from terminal, choose tab "libraries" select the dll that causes the error en select "native" when added. You need to place the dll on your system somewhere in \home\andrea\.wine\drive_c\windows\system(32) this is now the dll that wine will use, otherwise some dll provided by the wine installation will be used NOTE: I'm not sure whether this will solve your problem! :) NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER :) Steven

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      Sorry to disappoint you, I'm no expert at all, worse, newbie. I've worked with another tool, a lot like Freeship. I'm a naval architect, but only recently graduated, a newbie also :) But I like to play around with linux, and freeship is a great tool so every now and then I try and play a little. Steven

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      Do you work in boat construction or design ?

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      Try Linux mint main edition if outside US/Japan you must use Light edition or Ubuntu then load wine then see threads above for installation


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