I am somewhat confused, Freeship 2.6 (& 2.86?) seem to cater better for cat designs but when I went to the download site I was re-directed to Delftship.... I thought OK, ver 3.2 may be better? - does not seem so in catamaran design.... Now I am trying to use the old Freeship - using wine on Linux Mint "Cassandra" - both Delftship & Freeship work OK, and since everyone is talking "michlet/godzilla" I thought I would have a go - almost a black screen & frozen.   I note the author of this software is "looking for work"    How about offering him employment to implement "michlet/godzilla" into Freeship (which has catamaran development capabilities)    I got most of my help from boatdesign.net and the active member participation

Thanks masalai from boatdesign.net