Assertion failure

  • Heikki Levanto

    Heikki Levanto - 2006-01-15

    I am just looking at FreeShip. I like it quite well, so far. But already at the first look I run into an assertion failure:

    Load the example ship #7, the sailing yacht. Click on Design Hydrostatics, and I get Exception 80000101. At the same time on my console I see

    wine-pthread: run.c:115: ME_CharOfsFromRunOfs: Assertion `pRun->type == diRun' failed.

    This on a Gentoo Linux with kernel 2.6.12-gentoo-r10, Wine version Wine 20050725, and FreeShip 2.3 (5-jan-2006)

    Possibly this is a wine problem more than a FreeShip problem.

    Best regards


    • Marven

      Marven - 2006-01-15

      The standard Windows/Delphi component that is used to show the results of the calculations causes this exception-error. I've changed it so this should be working correctly with the next release of Free!ship


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