Welcome to FREE!ship for Linux

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Welcome to FREE!ship for Linux

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm from Russia.
      I wont to convert Delphi project FreeShip to Lazarus project. http://lazarus.freepascal.org

      First problem Delphi forms has properties this don't support in Lazarus form.
      - OldCreateOrder;
      - TCheckBox.Alignment (in Lazarus Align);
      - Tedit.BevelEdges|BevelInner|BevelOuter|BeverStyle;
      And many others. :(

      PS. I'm don't have Delphi v.7.

      • Marven

        Marven - 2006-03-23

        I think it's safe to say that it won't work. I've looked at Lazarus at the beginning of the FREE!ship project for conversion to Linux. I don't recall the exact details but I dropped the entire idea because of all the limitations of Lazarus. However, if you're interested in a free legal version of Delphi 7, you can download it from the Borland website at: http://www.borland.pl/downloads/delphi_7_personal/Delphi7_Personal.zip
        After downloading you'll have to go to their website and register it to obtain a serial number.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It's a pity. :(
      Free version Delphi does not interest. I have OS Linux (SuSE 10.0), FreePascal, Lazarus, Java,... It's enough to me.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have a multiboot system with Windows 2000 and Linux Kubuntu kernel 2.6.15-25-686 with KDE desktop.
      Just installed FreeShip in Win2000NT. Booted Linux and started /usr/bin/wine /Fat32Disk/Freeship.exe.
      Works great!

      Only problem is that preferences will not be stored in an NT partition from Linux when exitin Freeship. (Works OK on Windows Fat32 partition) This is a Linux problem om my computer because I only can read NT partition, not write.

      Suggest preferences could have some "save in directory" parameters.

      Otherwise interested in source code converted to
      C++ and QT graphical environment if any has done
      something like this. Then we are free of M$.
      Keep up the good work!


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