Rebuilding with Kylix?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Has anyone know if it is possible to rebuild freeship for linux using Kylix?

    I do not know much about delphi/kylix but maybe there is the posibility that it may work so I decided to ask before trying.

    I am about to download kylix and will give it a try in the weekend if time permits ( deadlines, deadlines! )

    Any hints are more than welcome!

    I'll be trying to design a catamaran in the next months.

    And thanks for what looks a very good work!


    • gnipper

      gnipper - 2005-11-08

      I had a brief look at this but I couldn't get Kylix to run on my Linux system (Arch Linux). I think the problem is something to do with older libraries in Kylix that are incompatible with current ones, but I'm not really sure.

      An easier option could be to install CrossKylix:

      This allows a Linux executable to be be created from within Delphi (under Windows). I managed to build a simple 'Hello World' application, then compile it with CrossKylix and it ran on my Linux system after a bit of fiddling around.

      Note that the original Delphi Windows code has to be changed a fair bit to allow it to be compiled either under Delphi or Kylix - for instance, all the 'uses' clauses have to call the CLX rather than the VCL libraries. There is some information on how to convert Delphi VCL applications to CLX applications in the Delphi help.

      Good luck!

    • Anders M

      Anders M - 2005-11-27

      I installed Kylix 3 on my FC 4 machine (KDE desktop) but can't get it to work. The program starts but the GUI is a mess. Font size 1, enormus windows etc. When trying to open the FREE!Ship source I got an error message and Kylix 3 chrashed. Have so far not found any solution. :(

      Anders M

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      After searching the webb I think Kylix is a dead end. I would guess Lazarus ( is a better chois. At least it worked and I could open the project files. So far I have not managed to get it to run...

      Anders M

    • gnipper

      gnipper - 2005-11-28

      I spent some time looking at Lazarus and was quite impressed. I think this would be a better option than Kylix for porting to Linux.

      As a test, I converted a small Delphi application I had written into Free Pascal using Lazarus. It was pretty straightforward and only took a couple of evenings.

      There are a couple of custom components in FREE!ship that would have to be converted and I haven't looked into how to do this, but otherwise it shouldn't be too bad if you have some time to spare (I'm busy working on my boat at the moment!).


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