• Nobody/Anonymous


    I wonder where I can find the tools about the flowlines. I use the 2.6 version of Freeship.

    Thanks for your help.


    • gianlisi

      gianlisi - 2006-11-07

      You can find information in the Freeship Manual 2.6 pg 39, paragraph 11.11.
      Anyway, here it is a part of it:

      "You can add a flowline by
      keeping the alt-button pressed and
      clicking with the mouse on a point below
      the waterline surface (profile, plan or
      bodyplan view only). This point is used as
      the origin of the flowline. From there the
      flow is traced as far as possible to the
      stern or until it penetrates the design

      Good work!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      sorry for my bad english.....
      so, i tried to do it the way described above. but it doesn´t work...
      the button "show flowlines" seems not to be active.
      when i press "alt" and click in any of my constructions, nothing happend?
      i tried to download the english manual (document not found), but i think it connot be so hard to find out?
      my system: win 98

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      no idea?

      • Marven

        Marven - 2007-01-04

        You can add a flowline by keeping the alt button pressed and subsequently clicking on a point that is BELOW the waterline on your model.
        Note: This only works in plan, profile and bodyplan view (not perspective).


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