how to print plates

  • jhavel

    jhavel - 2006-09-03

    Any good ideas to print the developments of the plates to a reasonable size.
    My idea is to print my 7.5 meter design on a scale of 1 to 10 using normal A4 paper.
    Thought there was a possibility with Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, but can't find it anywhere in the program
    With this I can make a paper model.

    Been looking on the internet for a solution, but can't find any.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hello J,
      I haven't printed yet, still puzzled by Freeship
      as it is... Thought about it though.

      1.When you print the plates one by one and rotate them first to fit diagonally, you get the best out of A4-size, but scale 1:10 won't fit.
      2.You can also save the lay out as a bitmap, or export the file as .dxf (2D, 3D) that should give you possibilities too.
      3.Maybe you can find a company (building or engineering) where they have an A1 plotter and are willing to plot your file when you send it to them (bribing and boose helps ;-)).



    • jhavel

      jhavel - 2006-09-04

      I meant printing each plate on several pieces of A4 sized paper.
      Then tape them together to 1 big sheet of paper with the complete plate on it.

      There must be some software out there which makes it possible to print 1 big drawing onto several pieces of paper.

      Thanks anyway Harm. (sounds Dutch. Are you ? I am)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi JHavel,

      If you can get the image into Photoshop you can print it like you want to do.  Just use the "Print Options" and uncheck the "Center Image."  Then you can use the X and Y inputs to print each piece of the image.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm not familiar with Photoshop and similar software but you should be very keen on distortions caused by the program when printing. In traditional boatbuilding everything is about fairness of the hull and that's often a matter of mm's..., measured with battens on the moulds.
      The beauty of software like Freeship is that the shape of the plates is exact.Try to maintain that when printing. But then again, maybe Photoshop does just that.
      BTW JHavel, in Dutch: jep, een echte kaaskop...


    • jhavel

      jhavel - 2006-09-06

      Thanks BillyDoc. Totally forgotten about that option. Try to print some tonight so I can start making my model.

      And Harm, You're totally right about fairness and using battens to control it. But then again, thats why I try to make a 3D model first.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Here are a couple of software programs that might do what you are looking for in printing the plates on several pages to be taped together to form one large image.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Another thing I just tested to see:

      1)You can save the current image of plates as a .bmp

      2)Open MS Publisher, Insert the image.

          Custom - Set page length and width to fit your needs.

      4) Select the Image, Format, Set the width to your meet your scale.

      5) File>PageSetup>PrintOptions
          Enable Crop Marks and Bleed Marks

      6) Print, Cut, Line up marks, Tape, Sail

      Hope you get to work for you. Suggest you print on card stock!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have had pretty good luck importing the dxf file of the plates into an inexpensive CAD program.  I then set the CAD up so the global scale is full scale and print out at whatever scale I want, usuallly 1 1/2" = 1'.  The CAD software I have will use any size paper for output and lets you choose the layout.



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