Help on keel and rudder wizard

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I'm new to freeship. I'm trying to use the keel and rudder wizard to design a keel, but there is terms I don't understand and I can't find explanations in the manual about them.

    What is : -"delta tip"
              -"vertical compression"

    How do I use them ?

    In particular, I would like to set a keel with different sweep angle along its length. How shall I proceed ? I also need to build a keel using a NACA 63008 but this particular section do not appear in the wizard. Is it possible to build it any other way ?

    Thanks for answering...

    • Marven

      Marven - 2007-01-21

      Delta tip influences your sweep back angle of the aft side of the keel.

      Vertical compression is used to influence the distribution of the controlpoints in the vertical direction of the keel.

      Naca 63-008 is the same profile as the 006, only scaled too have 8% thickness rather than 6%. You can create this effect by scaling the keel in the y-direction with factor 8/6 (1.3333).


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