lucio5295 - 2006-09-08

I have exported in IGES format a slender hull defined in FREE!Ship with 20 control  points, to another NURBS modeller.
Surprise: FREE!Ship did not transfer the original control net, but transformed its 20 in 143 control points NURB !
Result: a not manageable cloud for a useless geometry with very bad curvatures and fairings.

Considering  that:
-    I have never seen such kind of problem  exporting IGES between NURBS modellers.
-    With an equal number of control points NURBS surfaces have the ability to produce very smooth geometries with curvature continuity and fairing of superior quality with respect to the subdivision surfaces (a terrible penalty that precludes professional applications in research, design and engineering).
-    NURBS is the accepted world standard in CAD 3D.
I invite you to think about the serious possibility to replace  your subdivision surfaces with NURBS.

You are doing a good job and  FREE!Ship could be the one that delete systems as MaxSurf and perhaps Rhino from the medium level applications for marine engineering.

What is the meaning to continue with a marketing choice so weak and wrong, what is the meaning of spending so much efforts and resources to develop an application that is not in degree to interchange fairly with the rest of the world, neither to be offered  in the professional area?

Looking forward to hearing from you

Best regards