Is Free!Ship DelftShip Free?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The reason I ask is because I want to design a sea kayak using developable plates (I'm going to build it from plywood).  DelftShip (paid for) says it will do this but DelftShip Free would appear not to handle developable plates (since it's a feature of the paid-for version over the free version).

    Yet when on SourceForge Free!Ship pages, if I click the Website link, I am transported to the DelftShip web page.  This leads me to believe there is at least some connection, if not being the very same thing.  I don't want to download/install/learn Free!Ship if it's in fact DelftShip Free and won't do the plate development.

    I hope to print out the x,y points of the plates at a spacing of my choosing so I can mark these on the plywood and then cut to suit.  I have lots of time to get the x,y points close together but not a lot of money to scrap plywood sheets just to go and buy some more.  Will Free!Ship allow me to select the desired spacing for the x,y points for printing?

    TonyInKent, UK


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