I've copied libnpfreepv.so to /usr/local/lib/mozilla/plugins as well as /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins.  However, I'm still unable to view the example on the FreePV website.  Is the example broken?

I'd be happy to clean up the web page.  I can do it here and then upload via e-mail.

I'm not a developer, simply an interested user.  Is there any documenation at all on FreePV?


Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 00:01:42 -0600
From: densedev@gmail.com
To: freepv-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: [FreePV-dev] Firefox Plugin

2009/3/22 Dale Beams <drbeams@hotmail.com>
Is the website wrong or dated?  There is a section about freepv-glut.exe and a dll.

Yes it is really dated... we need to update it.

Hi.  I have began to look at freepv as a way to display my panoramas on a website.  After looking at sample code, it appears fairly simple.  However I could not locate the plug in for Firefox, and I'm also using Ubuntu Linux.

As Bruno said there are no binary files, then you have to build freepv by using cmake and make under linux (ubuntu in my case)... you will get a libnpfreepv.so... you have to copy that file into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins... you can check if the plugin was recognized by the browser by writing about:plugins in the url bar.

You also can use "make install"... that will install the libnpfreepv.so library into /usr/local/lib/mozilla/plugins... but for some reason firefox doesn't load the freepv's plugin in my computer... so I moved the file to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and it worked.

León Moctezuma

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