Tree [4b2896] release-1.2.20 /

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File Date Author Commit
 JOrtho_0.4_freeplane 2012-06-17 boercher <> [80801e] fix umlauts
 freeplane 2012-10-14 Volker Boerchers Volker Boerchers [824173] add properties
 freeplane_ant 2012-05-08 fnatter <> [825fbc] merge approximative search
 freeplane_devresources 2012-03-04 dpolivaev <> [9f0c5d] add "- character to VM args in launch configura...
 freeplane_framework 2012-10-18 dpolivaev dpolivaev [2b942f] launch freeplane portable with -xmx512m to be c...
 freeplane_mac 2011-12-24 <> [09020e] fix java issues on mac
 freeplane_plugin_bugreport 2012-08-12 dpolivaev <> [40a488] do not ask to submit bug reports for final vers...
 freeplane_plugin_formula 2012-08-12 dpolivaev <> [a4cebe] -
 freeplane_plugin_help 2011-06-12 dpolivaev <> [619537] package refactoring (2)
 freeplane_plugin_latex 2012-10-18 dpolivaev dpolivaev [4b2896] bug fix for undo/ redo of adding a latex equation
 freeplane_plugin_script 2012-10-14 Volker Boerchers Volker Boerchers [824173] add properties
 freeplane_plugin_script_test 2012-07-15 dpolivaev <> [a74790] remove empty freeplane_plugin_script_test/src
 freeplane_plugin_svg 2012-04-27 dpolivaev <> [d19bb1] fix resolution for pdf export
 freeplane_plugin_uispec4j 2011-06-12 dpolivaev <> [21182a] refactoring (4) .features.frame,
 freeplane_uitest 2012-05-28 fnatter <> [8f1f0f] merge
 .bzrignore 2012-09-24 dpolivaev <> [8507ec] launch4j, portable app to be fixed
 .gitignore 2012-09-24 Felix Natter Felix Natter [1e2031] migrate .bzrignore to .gitignore
 build.xml 2010-12-12 <> [bd1720] merge

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