2 bugs in 1.2.12 & and a request

  • Miguel Boyer

    Miguel Boyer - 2012-04-01

    Bugs in 1.2.12:
    (1) The menu Format>Apply Stile doesn't open up.
    (2) The file gets locked and i cannot save it.

    By the way, can we use some settings to configure the speed of the scrolling
    with the keyboard?
    If you can configure the scrolling speed of the mouse wheel or the scroll bar,
    how come you can't do the same setting for the keyboard scrolling? I think
    10px is a too small of a speed.

  • Volker Börchers

    Hi pilominco,

    (1) I can't reproduce your problem with Format>Apply Style
    (2) which file?

    Please enter bug reports in
    Mantis. Don't forget to
    provide exact Freeplane, OS and Java version as well as description how to
    reproduce the bug.

    Regards, Volker

  • Miguel Boyer

    Miguel Boyer - 2012-04-03

    Sorry you are right. I solved those issues. When updating to the new version i
    forgot the locations of the configuration file, and the fact that i had to
    save my styles in the templates, not in the actual file i was working on.

    But now i have another small issue, preety anoying: when i use 2 different map
    views, which is an amazing feature, i found that whenever i delete or cut a
    node in one view, i loose the focuss on the other one: both selected nodes, in
    both views, are now the closest node to where the deleted one was. I think
    that in the second view the selected node should not change, the fact of the
    node you select remaining the same seems to me to be the whole point about the
    "several views feature".
    Anyway 1.2.12beta seems to be a good improvement. Thanks.

  • Volker Börchers

    As said: Please report bugs and feature requests in Mantis and provide enough
    info to reproduce / investigate the issue.

    Regards, Volker


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