Native Freemind Import features and trad.

  • samos29

    samos29 - 2012-03-16

    I notice some mistakes or problems on some of those features.
    - Explorer favorites : it doesn't work on my computer. Some bookmarks are exported from IE (in HTML format) but they don't appear on the map. Is it a problem of version of IE (mine is IE9) ? It's not a problem for me (I don't use IE), but perhaps could this features be deleted or updated ?
    - The features Export Branch and Export linked branch are not well named. In reality, the links are not from a branch to another one, but from a branch to a map. Do you agree ? So, perhaps the word "branch" could be replaced by "map". In french : "branche" replaced by "carte".

    About translation, there are some words not translated yet. How can I
    contribute ? The Java applet is really the best interactive export module. But
    it's not translated too. Is it possible to do ? I can contribute for it.

    Thank you



  • jokro

    jokro - 2012-03-17

    Hi Franck,
    from the terminology you use I interpret you are not yet using Freeplane 1.2
    beta. Please check if your problems have been solved in this version.

    you can add translations.

  • samos29

    samos29 - 2012-03-20

    Hi Jokro,
    you're right : the essential information doesn't appears in my post : it's
    about the 1.2.x version of Freeplane.

    Thank you for the link : I should more often have a look at the Freeplane wiki
    ;-) !



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