Miguel Boyer - 2012-04-22

Honestly, I think the 'New Map View' feature is one of those things (one of
many the things) that make FreePlane an unbeatable, unprecedented, amazing
The two suggestions I am about to make are not really indispensable, so if
they are silly you guys just tell me. On the other hand, they may be
interesting for other users too.

First feature suggestion: I would like to be able to move the 'New Map View'
to my second screen.
It would be great to work on the same map, opened up in
all my screen real state. Would be cool. Would be impressive for the competing
products in the mind map arena.

Second feature suggestion: Just for convenience and speed, when reopening a
map, it would be great to have the 'Two Map Views' (or any number of them)
, and with the focus set on the node where it was for each 'Map
View' at the moment of saving and closing the particular map, or more
generally, when closing the program itself.