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Free Password Safe v2.5 Available Now!

FPS is a multi-user website password environment for Enterprise class users. It supports database encryption and stores site username and passwords with added Notes feature in a Access 2007 database.

Version 2.5 now has XML export and import of password list.

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-12-28

Source Code now available for FPS v2.4

The Source code for Free Password Safe v2.4 is now available at

This source code is for Visual Studio 2008 (VB.Net)

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-12-06

Free Password Safe (FPS)

FPS has reached over one hundred downloads over the past month here at Source Forge. We, the creators of FPS, are delighted to see such promising results from listing FPS as a project.

The download rates can only get better with each minor or major update - and there WILL be updates for FPS. Currently APO Networks are working on Audit software for XP / Vista and FPS has taken a back shelf ride. APO Networks are also working on a customer relations software package which also ties up any free time for FPS development.... read more

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-11-28

Free Password Safe v2.4 Available for Download

26 November 2008(05:05)

FPS v2.4 is now available for download on SourceForge.Net. This new version is coming close to a stable release in version 3.0

The installer has a new gfx as well as the print function being fixed there is little more to do with FPS except remove that annoying Auto Encrypt database feature.... read more

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-11-26

FPSv2.3 Multi User PIM Free Download

Store all your website usernames and passwords with added Notes feature in one handy application. Data encryption available. Multi User environment installation options. Download Free Password Safe today!

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-11-24

FPS v2.3 Multi User PIM Free Download

Multi-User Environment
This latest version of FPS now enables multi-user storage
for unlimited number of users. How this works is that
the software checks to see if there is an authenticated
user and stores their passwords for that authenticated user
in the Access 2007 database using their Windows Login details
as an ID for their data. Therefore, only that user can access
their data and ONLY if they are authenticated. Guests cannot
access this program - it simply will not load.

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-11-23

Free Password Safe v2.2 Free Download

22 November 2008: Minor bug fixes. Logo added. Free Password Safe (FPS) v2.2 is a personal information manager whereby you can store your website username and passwords and encrypt the data in an Access 2007 database. With added Notes feature this latest version of FPS is the most stable to date.

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-11-22

FPS v2.1 Setup.exe bug fixed

There was an file not found error with setup.exe due to a file being renamed. Now it is fixed and setup.exe installs the program without glitch. Download FPS v2.1 now! Has NEW Print Database function with News Browser...

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-11-19

FPS v2.1 Now Available!

FPS (Free Password Safe) v2.1 now has Print Database function and News Browser all accessable from the Menu.

Print Database function untested so feedback would be appreciated!

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-11-19

Free Password Safe v2 Source Code Now Available for Download

You can now download the source code for Visual Studio 2008 for FPS (Free Password Safe.) This comes with Access 2007 database and every thing you need to compile the executable.

Also, the source displays how to encode and decode a memory stream and also how to use SQL to insert,delete,update records in an Access 2007 database.

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-11-16

Free Password Safe v2.0 Available

Now with option to Encrypt the database data with DES, RC2, Rijndael, or TripleDES algorithms and the ability to update records.

Extra security added whereby only an Authenticated User whom is logged in to the system and not a Guest can access the program otherwise the program will automatically exit.

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-11-14

Complete file list available for FPS

After much delay, the complete file list is made available on Source Forge for FPS (Free Password Safe.)

These include the ACE Drivers (AccessDatabaseEngine.exe), Source Code, and FPS Setup.exe for Windows XP/Vista 32-bit Editions.

Posted by Alexander Obrzuut 2008-11-07