#123 Improve GUI, Keyboard and Mouse functions


1. Indicate what menu element is selected right now (with color?) when multiple are on screen it's hard to figure out which is active..
2. Allow right/left arrows to work like up/down, but 10x faster. (or shift+arrow=+10/ctrl+arrow=+100 or some thing like that)
3. Enter Button is better for confirming than starting chat. Escape seems to cancel most menus already.
3. Make the TAB key usable (to change between menus, especially in the options menu)
4. What about drop-down menus? (not important
5. New round messages should also have 'ok' button for mouse fetishists
6. It is confusing, when you have close buttons for one menu, only escape for the other and right-mouseclick for the next. - Such is the case - Unify, make all three work for everything!


  • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

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    Other GUI Problems:
    7. The Screen between two rounds is disturbing because a) if you skip multiple turns, you make the screen change greatly at high speed, which is bad for the eyes. b)On slow machines or network play, it is bad if you are forced to do nothing - allow to browse the databases, check statuses, take a look on the worlds. use the chat to inform of a new round or open an extra menu object displaying the round status, but don't cut the player off from the current scenario
    8. It makes little sense that you have to select a fleet with left click and then move by right, since right click is normally closing/deselecting. If a fleet is selected and then a star (leftclick) this should account as a moving action. OR you stick with the right-click movement but then it would be wise to disable the rightclick-equals-close/deselect function. instead a l-click on the galaxy (not star) should lead to closing the lastly opened element.

  • Iwan Gabovitch (qubodup)

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    9. If a system has many plantes, you can't use the last one, since the list won't expand when I expand the planet information.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    You should post about these issues in the forums, as most will require some discussion before they could be implemented.

    9) is a bug that should be fixed in SVN


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