#538 Creating a valid desktop file

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Unfortunately i couldn't reopen the old bug report, so here is my new report.


unfortunately the desktop file is still not valid in trunk. The type of the
desktop file is "Application" but the key "URL" is only valid for type
"Link". See also
The homepage of the FreeOrion is displayed separately for Debian and other
Linux distributions.

You can create a valid desktop file by simply removing the "URL" key.

Please also change Comment[de] to

Zug basierendes Weltraumstrategiespiel.

There are no spaces between those words in German. Thanks and sorry for
bothering you with such minor issues.


  • Vezzra

    Vezzra - 2013-05-19

    "Zug basierendes Weltraumstrategiespiel" isn't really proper German still. Better: "Rundenbasierendes Weltraum-Strategiespiel"

  • Markus Koschany

    Markus Koschany - 2013-05-19

    True, "Rundenbasierendes" is much better. But there is no requirement to use a hyphen for "Weltraum-Strategiespiel". Both forms are O.K. but nominalization is the usual form. So

    Rundenbasierendes Weltraumstrategiespiel

    would indeed be the correct translation.

  • Geoff Topping

    Geoff Topping - 2013-06-10
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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