#474 Crash at least each 5 turns

Interface (116)

Using the latest version, AI crash frequently
OS: win XP 64 with dualcore and 4Go memory
At each time during «Downloading new game state ...»
withe thi server state

<players class_id="78" tracking_level="0" version="0">
<item class_id="79" tracking_level="0" version="0">
<second class_id="80" tracking_level="0" version="0">

main() caught exception(std::exception): stream error


  • Pascal Cocard

    Pascal Cocard - 2010-05-22

    After this post, i try some possibilities, it seems that the game don't crash when all the stars are on the screen, side panel close fleet window close, only all the visible stars.
    With sound off.

  • Geoff Topping

    Geoff Topping - 2010-05-22

    I don't understand your comment. Could you rephrase it more clearly and specifically about what you tried and what the results were?

    Also, please post, zipped, freeorion.log and freeoriond.log and AI_1.log from
    C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\FreeOrion

    immediately after such a crash.

  • Geoff Topping

    Geoff Topping - 2010-07-17
    • status: open --> pending
  • Geoff Topping

    Geoff Topping - 2010-07-17

    Nonresponsive posers, lacks information. Can't do much. Will be auto-deleted unless commented on soon.

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