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I am using a the latest staic linked linux binary available. I can't load my safe games, the game exists with the message "connection to server lost when I want to finish first turn after loading.


  • Geoff Topping

    Geoff Topping - 2010-05-05

    Where did you get this statically linked binary? Sourceforge download of v0.3.14 (which might have a game window labeled v0.3.13 due to an oversight) or from http://freeorion.psitronic.de/download/nightly/ or from somewhere else?

    Are you loading a save game from a previou version, or a save created with the same version you're trying to load in?

    If same-version saves cause a crash when loading, please create a new game with 10 stars and no AIs, and then save a game, and then try to load it. After the crash, locate ~/.freeorion/ and the files freeorion.log and freeoriond.log in it, and post them, zipped. You may need to make a new bug report to attach files, or you can post them on the forums, and then post a link to that thread as a comment to this bug report. Attaching the save would also help. The files can be zipped to save upload time.

  • Geoff Topping

    Geoff Topping - 2010-05-24
    • status: open --> pending-works-for-me
  • Geoff Topping

    Geoff Topping - 2010-05-24

    Seeming nonresponsive poster. Marking pending (auto-close in 2 weeks unless commented on further).

    If someone else has this issue, please do as requested in the previous comment, and also post freeoriond.log and freeorion.log from ~/.freeorion from immediately after the crash.

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