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I can't figure out how to reproduce it, but I was able to resign from a game and have the map screen still be visible over top of the splash screen. I could drag the map around, and clicking on a planet opened the sidepanel to show its contents, just as if I was still playing the game.


  • Geoff Topping

    Geoff Topping - 2009-05-24

    I figured out how to reproduce it. It's possibly a side effect of another quirk I've been noticing for a while that happens when using non-exclusive mouse in windowed mode on Windows.

    I'm not sure which is required, but my OISInput.cfg has the lines:

    With those settings, start the program in windowed mode with, then start a game and be on the map screen. Move the mouse cursor out of the FreeOrion window, and click on another window. Return focus to freeorion by clicking on the taskbar button. After this, moving the mouse around will pan the map, even though the mouse button isn't being held, until the user clicks again. This also works for dragging Wnds around if the cursor was over them when the FreeOrion window lost focus.

    The problem I reported in this bug arises if this is done after resigning from a game. After getting back to the intro screen, click on another window or taskbar icon, and then back to the freeorion window. The previous game's map contents appear over the splash screen, and an empty sidepanel pops up. The map can be panned and zoomed, and clicking the system icons shows the relevant system in the sidepanel.

  • Geoff Topping

    Geoff Topping - 2010-03-22
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
  • Geoff Topping

    Geoff Topping - 2010-03-22

    Seems to be fixed in the latest SVN, possibly by changes that cleared the universe after resigning. It may be that the map is still being scrolled around after clicking outside and back on the FreeOrion window, but if the map is empty, there's no obvious sign that this is happening, so it seems not to matter.


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