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Spring is in the air, but there is snow on the ground.

Well just like nature, I have gotten alot of the ground work of error checking and some of the port mapping done. kinda like the snow, now the rest of the program can grow, because it has water.

So I should have a release in 2-4 weeks.


Posted by Larry E. Smith 2013-03-26

Happy Hollidays! The past, present and future.

Well it's been a long three years. We now have two versions of freenfs out there.

The first version is just freenfs.exe runs NFS 2/3 in a tray icon.

The second version is freenfse.exe also run NFS 2/3 in a tray icon but everything it returns to the client is listed as executable. This allows small embedded systems to connect to a windows box and be able to execute programs.

I have a in house alpha, that allows hard/soft linking and junctions to be used on a XP and up with NTFS. The new version also has a lot more options, memory size, runas a service or a added protocol via networking. I have also integrated a small ftp/http server into it also (User selectable on or off). Everything can now be controlled via a .ini file, or command line. ... read more

Posted by Larry E. Smith 2012-12-20

FreeNFSE Released!

The FreeNFS-Embedded Version is now released to the public.

Click Here To Download

Enjoy, and have a happy holidays!


Posted by Larry E. Smith 2012-12-12

New Version

Well I have just about finished the new version. Testing it in house right now. The Beta team will be getting the test version soon. So I am hoping to release official verion around Dec. 15, 2012.

Hope you all had a good fall, my freezers are full for the year! Now its getting cold, so it's time to start coding again. I will be adding some more server protocols in early spring. Ones that are more video streaming oriented. In my testing NFS does very good, but there is room for improvement.... read more

Posted by Larry E. Smith 2012-11-16

Embedded system problems

There is a slight glitch in the embedded system version, I have just about worked it out, trying to add symbolic linking into it at the same time.

As far as the regular flavor, it's still about 1.5 weeks to the next version. Many new features, and error checking. The protmapping issue is almost resolved. If you have a problem with any version of this program please feel free to respond to me direct.... read more

Posted by Larry E. Smith 2012-09-12

FreeNFSE for Windows (For Linux based Embedded Clients)

Slight problem held from release. I hate last minute problems.

Description: FreeNFSE - NFS 2.0 & 3.0 for Windows. Intended for Linux Embedded Systems Clients.
Operating System: Windows XP and Above
Memory: 4,148 Nothing Major
Storage Space: < 1MB Nothing Major
Executable Type: 32 bit x86
NFS Versioning: 2.0 and 3.0

This is the FreeNFS server, with a twist. If you set a shared files attribute to hidden, FreeNFSE will note this and mark it to the client as executable. This will allow smaller storage limited systems to keep the executables on a windows server.... read more

Posted by Larry E. Smith 2012-09-11

New General Release in the next couple of weeks

Yes I have sent the latest 3.0.2B off to the beta testers, and should hear back with a couple of weeks.

I have added alot of pre-check and verification code, things that before it didn't and wouldn't care what you entered. Yes if you entered 10.0.05 as a ip address it said nothing and only let 10.0.05 connect. Well needless to say, that isn't a valid address, so no-one would ever connect via IP. The same goes for hand entered server shared directories (mount points unix).... read more

Posted by Larry E. Smith 2012-09-09

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