Happy Hollidays! The past, present and future.

Well it's been a long three years. We now have two versions of freenfs out there.

The first version is just freenfs.exe runs NFS 2/3 in a tray icon.

The second version is freenfse.exe also run NFS 2/3 in a tray icon but everything it returns to the client is listed as executable. This allows small embedded systems to connect to a windows box and be able to execute programs.

I have a in house alpha, that allows hard/soft linking and junctions to be used on a XP and up with NTFS. The new version also has a lot more options, memory size, runas a service or a added protocol via networking. I have also integrated a small ftp/http server into it also (User selectable on or off). Everything can now be controlled via a .ini file, or command line.

Basically I have decided that there will be 3 versions of freenfs. Embedded, Basic, and Advanced.

The core nfs core 2/3 and its additions will all be updated from time to time, but the basic will remain basically as it is now, no added servers or as a service. Many of the users I have question want tons of speed mostly for video streaming, and the easiest way is to keep the basic as is.

There are a lot more things that will be added and streamlined over the year to come, and I hope you all stick with me!

Larry Smith

Posted by Larry E. Smith 2012-12-20

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