FreeNAS 0.686.1 (stable) released

Majors changes:
- Upgrade Samba to 3.0.28.
- Add attributes 'Guest account' and 'Null passwords' to 'Samba: Settings' advanced section in WebGUI.
- Enhance WebGUI + rc-script to define additional group memberships for user accounts.
- Replace uShare UPnP Mediaserver with MediaTomb 0.10.0. This has been done because ushare's latest version
fails to build on FreeBSD, also new version requires external libs for DLNA support which is not ported
to FreeBSD right at the moment.
You have to reconfigure the UPnP service to get working properly. XBox 360 is not supported, sorry.
- Increase mfsroot size to 54mb for embedded version. So hopefully the OS has enough memory for logfiles,...
Especially with Samba tbd files, which increases rapidely with a huge number of users accessing the system.
- Add kernel patch to support ATi IXP600/700 PATA/SATA.
- Switch back to SCHED_ULE scheduler.
- Upgrade 3ware serial ATA RAID controller driver to 9.4.2 (
- Allow creation of users with empty passwords.
- Upgrade ATAidle to 2.3.
- Set 'kern.hz="500"' in /boot/loader.conf for better system and media streaming performance. Thanks to Eyn Ergy for testing.
VMWare users which require this setting have to install in 'full' mode and edit loader.conf by hand.
See or for some tipps.
- Add SSL/TLS support to FTP service.
- Use inadyn-mt instead of inadyn dynamic DNS client.
- Add and support to 'Dynamic DNS' service.
- Upgrade dp.SyntaxHighlighter to 1.5.1.
- Fix install problem "Error: Failed to set partitions on the disk 'xxx'".
- Refactor OS install/upgrade.
- Add NFS share configuration support. Allow configuration of NFS server processes.
- Upgrade netbsd-iscsi (iscsi-target) to 20080207.
- Upgrade fusefs-ntfs to 1.2216.
- Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.40.6.
- Upgrade inadyn-mt to 02.11.88.

Minors changes:
- Remove readonly flag for iSCSI extent/device/target 'Name' field during creation. It will be readonly after creation.
- Add checkbox in 'Mount Point' WebGUI to enable/disable foreground/background file system consistency check during boot process.
- Remove 'Read only' checkbox from rsyncd settings page (WebGUI). Access mode can be defined per share.
- Autoselect 'Selected' checkbox in time selection control (minutes/hours/days/months/weekdays) e.g. when configuring scheduled reboot.
- Add ability to select PIO modes for IDE/ATA disks on 'Disks: Management: Disk: Edit' WebGUI page.
- Enable logging for local/client rsync jobs (to /var/log/rsync_xxx.log). It is possible to access log files via WebGUI/Advanced/Edit File page.
- Add 'User ID' and 'Group ID' option to RSYNC module configurations.
- Improved software RAID creation/administration via WebGUI.
- Add additional options (e.g. cachecnid, upriv, ...) for AFPd shares.
- Add if_tap.ko and if_tun.ko kernel modules for tun/tap pseudo device support (required by OpenVPN).
- Enable to set host name or IP address in 'Passive IP address' edit field on FTP service WebGUI page.
- Enable user to modify user/group ID when creating a new user/group.
- Add /usr/bin/getent.
- Remove /usr/bin/dirname link to basename and add original application. Thanks to Lars Köller.
- Only create SMB/CIFS users with uid >= 1001. Thanks to Lars Köller.

Bug fixs:
- Calculating iSCSI extent IDs fails for numbers > 10.
- Promote correct UPnP port via ZeroConf/Apple Bonjour.
- Fix bug in rsyncd rc-script. Hosts allow/deny were not set correct. Also fix client error message 'ERROR: module is read only'.
- Fix bug in FTP service. It was possible to select 'Anonymous login only' and 'Local users only' simultaneously which is impossible.
Please check your configuration and reconfigure your FTP service if necessary.
- Do not display warning message "The attribute 'Domain name' contains invalid characters and is no valid domain name." anymore because
this stops configuring provider FreeDNS.
- Fix bug in user management. When creating several users without pressing the 'Apply' button the user id was
not updated, this means all new users have the same user id.
- Fix encoding bug in graphs (WebGUI). Thanks to Jonas Svensson.
- Interface polling was not set even if it was selected in the WebGUI. Thanks to Lars Köller.

Permanent restrictions:
- It is not possible to format a SoftRAID disk with MSDOS FAT16/32.
- It is not possible to encrypt a disk partition, only complete disks are supported.

Known bugs:
- If DHCP for IPv4 is used, the IPv6 statically configured DNS server will be override by the IPv4 DNS server.

Posted by Volker 2008-02-22

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