#752 Dynamic update of DNS uses incorrect domain suffix


I might just be doing it wrong but I can't seem to get FreeNAS to register its DHCP-assigned IP address in DNS with the correct domain suffix. The basic symptoms are as follows:

  • My Windows DNS server covers two local zones, infra.local and dev.local.
  • The site DHCP server sends infra.local as its connection-specific suffix.
  • Using the UI, I have configured the hostname as freenas and the domain as dev.local; calling hostname from the shell shows freenas.dev.local
  • My DNS server shows an entry for freenas.infra.local, not freenas.dev.local

Based on some googling, I have tried adding the following to /etc/dhclient.conf:

send fqdn.fqdn "freenas.dev.local.";
send.fqdn.server-update on;

However, an error is displayed relating to these lines during boot, which scrolls past too fast for me make out (and I don't know how to review it). Possibly to do with a 'vendor'?

Either way, shouldn't the DNS update be made using the domain suffix I specify in the UI, not the one returned by DHCP?

(An equivalent setting in Windows environments [with which I am more familiar and offer only as an example] is that you can specify the primary DNS suffix on the 'More' section of the Computer Name tab and configure whether the DHCP-supplied suffix is registered in the DNS tab of the Advanced TCP/IP settings for a network adapter)


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