#392 0.69b1 resets BIOS time incorrectly on reboot

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Matt White

Upon each reboot, freenas resets the computer's BIOS clock to GMT. The local time on freenas stays correct until the next reboot which then shows the incorrect time.

Freenas should not be resetting the BIOS clock on each reboot, especially when it is not the correct local time.


  • Volker

    Volker - 2008-06-30

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    can you please describe how to reproduce this? What are the steps you are doing? Do you use NTP?


  • Matt White

    Matt White - 2008-07-01

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    I have found out that using the NTP server resets my time 10 hours in the future. I had the time zone set to Pacific/Honolulu and the default NTP server. Once I removed the NTP and input the date and time manually it appears to be holding.

  • Miguel Angel

    Miguel Angel - 2010-03-18

    votdev, to reproduce this, follow this steps. Turn on the NAS -> enter to the BIOS -> set the hardware clock to local time -> apply changes and boot FreeNas -> goto System, General, check Enable NTP and use any NTP server (ie pool.ntp.org). Set the timezone to your location and save the changes. Wait to the ntp synchronization and shutdown Freenas. Power on again, enter to the BIOS and you can see the hardware clock changed to GMT.

    This behavior affects when I need automatic power on in the BIOS. I have in GMT -3, and I want power on the NAS automatically at 5 AM, I have configured the BIOS to power on the NAS at the 8 AM.


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