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New Version, Book Coming End of March

I am finishing work on a new version of FreeMovie. It will be properly documented and there will be a printed developer's guide.

Stay tuned for news at

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2007-02-24

freeMovie Whitepaper added (in french at this stage)

Hello everybody,

I put a whitepaper (unfortunately in french) on PHP and Flash interactions, with references to freeMovie. I hope I will find enough time these days to translate it in english.

I assume that you do not understand french, so you have to know that I essentially present the possible technologies to be used in 3 tiers architectures, with an emphasis on the fact that a robust Flash - PHP communication could be a significant advance.
I position freeMovie-like and Ming-like projects as technological proves of concepts, and present macromedia solutions as marketing attempt to move from client-side to server-side market.
I develop the point that their offer is actually to huge and can have the same efficiency as lotus notes had : capture a relatively small market but annoying real 3 tiers teams who want to perform local optimization (client side maximum effectiveness AND server side maximum effectiveness too).
Then I underline that actual solutions coming from the PHP world have a real problem by not offering graphical programming tools like Flash-programmers like. So may be the Zend studio will evolve in that direction...

Posted by equation 2004-07-26

Rich Kilmer joins the FreeMovie project

Rich Kilmer joined the FreeMovie project to take care of the FreeMovie/Ruby port. Welcome aboard, Rich!

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-08-17

PHP Powers FlashMovie API for Flash

Jacek's "PHP Powers FlashMovie API for Flash" published on O'Reilly Network

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-05-17

FreeMovie Mailing Lists Open To Public

There are two new mailing lists for people interested in FreeMovie:

fm-announce (low volume, annuncements, no discussion)

fm-php (discuss FreeMovie/PHP here)

Hope to meet you there soon!

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-04-18

Jacob Y. Levy leaves the FreeMovie project

This happened two weeks ago, but I did not have time to post it here. Jacob has decided to focus on other projects (he's got a few on Slashdot). There is a possibility that we'll work together on future projects, but I can't give you any details right now.

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-04-18

Over 1000 downloads!

We're past 1000 downloads for FreeMovie/PHP! No doubt this has somethign to do with the recent story on Slashdot


Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-04-18

FreeMovie/PHP 1.1.2 is out

FreeMovie/PHP 1.1.2 is out. This release includes three demo scripts.



Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-03-28

FreeMovie/PHP 1.1.1 is out

Yep, yet another release of FreeMovie/PHP is out.



Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-03-24

FreeMovie 1.1 is out!

This is essentially FreeMovie 1.0 with a new license and two demo scripts.

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-03-22

Licensing terms change, again :-)

Jacob Y. Levy convinced me that FreeMovie would benefit from change in licensing terms from LGPL to a BSD-style license (similar to the XFree86 project license). I too think this is a good idea, especially for all sorts of commercial applications which could benefit from FreeMovie. So, there you have it, hack and enjoy!

PS. This is the _last_ change of licensing terms for FreeMovie. Users already working with FreeMovie can distribute and use it under earlier licensing terms or they can switch to the new license.

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-03-20

Jacob Levy joins the FreeMovie project

Jacob Levy has generously offered his help to the FreeMovie project. Jacob will be responsible for FreeMovie-Tcl, the Tcl implementation of the FreeMovie library.

Welcome aboard, Jacob!

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-03-11

Licensing terms change

I changed the licensing terms for the FreeMovie from GPL to LGPL. This change is meant to help further a wider adoption of FreeMovie in both commercial and free applications.

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-02-19

Licensing terms change

I changed the licensing terms for the FreeMovie from GPL to LGPL. This should help FreeMovie be used in commercial applications as well as free ones.

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-02-19

FreeMovie 1.0 is out!

The FreeMovie library is a GPL-ed library of PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, and Tcl functions that generate Flash (SWF) files. FreeMovie can be used to develop Web and desktop aplications.

The first release of FreeMovie is out in the wild. It is still an early release with many rough edges, but you can use it to create still drawings and animations in the Macromedia Flash(tm) SWF file format.

Posted by Jacek Artymiak 2002-02-12

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