Any docs?

  • Michał Grabowski

    My question is: are there any docs for FreeMindPDA? (or current functionality? :>)

    I can't open or save anything - is it an error (Can't find method "popupModal") or just not implemented yet?

    (I'm using it on Mio M550, WM 5.0 and SuperWaba 5.7)

    Best regards,

    • Andreas Mross

      Andreas Mross - 2007-05-30

      I don't have any documentation on FreemindPDA. I'll ask the original developer if he has any, or otherwise I might whip something up.

      I do remember getting that error "popupModal". I think I've fixed it since then. Try the latest release (0.03.01) and see if that works.


    • Dennis Folsom

      Dennis Folsom - 2007-09-14

      I have installed FreeMindPDA today in my Palm T|X.  After a bit of a struggle, I have found out how to round-trip files from FreeMind 0.8.0 on my PC to FreeMindPDA 0.03.01 on the Palm and back.

      I am offering to post a brief write-up on that process.  I will be attending a conference in the coming week, but may find some time to expand my preliminary draft a bit.  Whatever I contribute, I would certainly expect the authors and experts to critique and correct.

      Dennis Folsom

    • Dennis Folsom

      Dennis Folsom - 2007-09-15

      The following is the text I submitted under the Documentation tab.  It looks like we may not have anyone actively administering this project at the moment.  Therefore, I decided to post this preliminary doc here, as well.  I have started to expand beyond what I' am posting here.  I expect that I will be able to post something more complete in a week or two.
      Documentation Draft
      September 13, 2007
      by: Dennis Folsom

      Round Trip capability
      Between  FreeMind 0.8.0 on my PC (Windows XP Home Edition)
      And      FreeMindPDA 0.03.01 on the Palm T|X

      The following are brief instructions.  Elaboration and suggestions for
      improvement are welcome.  This process worked for me.

      In The Palm
        - Be sure to Save PDB first in FreeMindPDA (otherwise, edits will be lost).

        - Save File in FreeMindPDA will save a .mm file to the root of the
          expansion card.

        - This file can be transferred to a PC and edited there.  I used a
          card reader.  Quick Install will not support the .mm file.

        - A .mm file from the PC can be transferred to the expansion card

        - FreeMindPDA can then open the file from the PC

        - I Recommend discipline in file naming.  I like to distinguish by
          direction.  Use something like xxxx_ToPC and xxxx_FromPC or
          maybe xxxx_2PC and xxxx_2Palm

        - Remember to Save PDB after loading the file from the PC.
        - Save Often!
          You can accidentally switch out of program.  It happens easily and quickly.
          Unsaved edits will be lost!

      The initial draft of the above was created in FreeMindPDA, transferred to
      FreeMind on the PC, then copied into a text editor.

    • Andreas Mross

      Andreas Mross - 2007-09-16

      Thanks Dennis. I've approved the documentation you submitted. If I get round to it, I'll add the docs to a new release of FreeMindPDA.
      Any further insight you glean from using FreeMindPDA would be very useful. I wasn't aware of the 'saving as PDB' issue.



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