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  • AliBy

    AliBy - 2007-05-09

    Using PalmOS 5.1 on a Sony Clié Tj35
    I have installed FreeMindPDA (2 files) and SUPAWABA (2 files).
    I have the PC FreeMind files on the root of the memorystick.

    From the "HOME" window on the palm.
    Open FreeMindPDA by tapping on the icon.
    I can select "File\Open File"
    I can see the files and select one of them
    I tab "OK" in the bottom corner
    It then bumps me out of FreeMind back to the palm "HOME" window

    Any suggestions or instructions
    Has anyone got it running so they can
    1.  View mm files
    2.  Edit mm files
    3.  Create pdb files

    • Andreas Mross

      Andreas Mross - 2007-05-30

      I think this is due to a Supawaba library file the program needs to load the Freemind file. I've added this file (XPLatXML.pdb) to a new release (0.03.01).

      I've so far managed to load a fairly large mindmap into my Treo (roughly 250k file) and edit it. Pretty cool!
      I tried to save my edits, but the program hung for ages and I eventually got out of it by removing the memory card, thus crashing FreemindPDA.

      I have managed to create a small mindmap and save it onto my memory card as a .mm file.

    • AliBy

      AliBy - 2007-05-31

      Sounds great Andreas

      I can also edit etc now.
      Is there a way to use CUT,Paste etc?


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