properties_folder is appended to the user's home directory, so Library/Application Support ... (not /Library...) is user-specific.
Of course, one can change it in the if building from source, but not in the binary distrib, since this file is packaged in the freemind jar.

The directory I suggest is the standard Mac directory; you already do specific Mac processing on in the post_macos action; I think you could easily add this.


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Le 8 oct. 06 à 21:09, Christian Foltin (GMX) a écrit :

Hi Rupert,

this bug is hopefully fixed.

/Library/Application Support/FreeMind/ is not suited as this is not user specific AFAIK.
Moreover, the .freemind folder is universal in all plattforms and thus better (my opinion, it is not problem to change the folder, just adjust it in the

Your other proposals I'll have a look at later on.

Regards, Chris

Rupert BARROW wrote:
Sorry, I did not see the macos targets for building the source distrib : great, it works quite well.
A few suggestions :
- in build.xml : post_macos should depend on the existence of the 'post' directory
- in build.xml : should be launched with zsh and not bash
- in, I suggest to set the 'properties_folder' to a more standard 'Library/Application Support/FreeMind/' on Mac (space between Application and Support, trailing slash

The problem with this last change is that freemind.main.FreeMind.getLogger complains Couldn't get lock for %h/.freemind/log
because of this call in
mFileHandler = new FileHandler("%h/.freemind/log", 1400000, 5, false);
Maybe someone could clean this up to read the 'properties_folder' property ?

Thanks for the great tool. How about integrating with iCal on the Mac ? ...


Le 5 oct. 06 à 18:32, Rupert BARROW a écrit :


I would like to contribute a quick build + XCode project for the Mac OSX version of Freemind 0.9.0b7.
What should I do ?

(please email response directly)


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