An addition to the bug "2. Zoom: no zooming effect on node editors"

> I tried, but this bug isn't easy to fix IMHO. Perhaps in a future  version of SimplyHTML.

This has nothing to do with the version of SimplyHTML. This has to do with how SimplyHTML is called from FreeMind. I am using basically the same version of SimplyHTML, yet in my FreeMind the fonts are shown in SimplyHTML zoomed correctly.

The critical part is the following one in the class "EditNodeWYSIWYG":

            Font font = node.getTextFont();
191 // font = Tools.updateFontSize(font, this.getView().getZoom(), font.getSize());
192 final Color nodeTextBackground = node.getTextBackground();
193 rule += "font-family: "+font.getFamily()+";";
194 rule += "font-size: "+font.getSize()+"pt;";

Here, it matters that the font added to the style rules is the zoomed one.

What I have in my FreeMind is the following:

rule += "font-size: "+node.getFont().getSize()+"pt;";

I call "node.getFont" instead of "node.getTextFont()", where "node" is a NodeView.

node.getFont is the native method of the JLabel, which returns the font in which JLabel is actually shown; this should be already zoomed. By contrast, "node.getTextFont()" is likely a method that returns the non-zoomed font of nodeview.

So the first thing I would try is to replace "node.getTextFont()" with "node.getFont()".

If that won't work, you can adjust the font in the code for zooming using the following code snippet, presuming you have a reference to "map":

 if (map.getZoom() != 1F) {
                font = font.deriveFont(font.getSize()*map.getZoom()); }