Hello Dimitry,

in my private version of SHTML, I have corrected a group of SHTML bugs. Some of the most notable correction is the one of pasting of HTML copied from external applications such as web browsers into tables and list of SHTML; before the correction, pasting into a table or a list breaks the table or list. There are many other corrections, including corrections of issues with backspace from a non-list into a list, and issues with cursor movement within tables. Also included are a few new functions like moving of rows up and down within tables; these are well isolated in their individudal methods, and can be turned off by removing them from menus.

Are you interested in me creating a patch for these corrections? If yes, I will create the patch against the current version of SHTML in CVS.

The corrections are well tested, as I have used my version productively many hours a day for several months.

Best regards,

Keywords: Simply HTML