Dear Chris,

You are right; it seems I must have overlooked something in OOo. When I entered "C:\Users\Dan Polansky\" into a hyperlink in OOo, after saving the document and opening it again, the address was converted to "file:///C:/Users/Dan%20Polansky".

Still, it seems to me that such an abrupt change in the format of hyperlinks of FreeMind, in the development phase that was some months ago planned to be heading to final release, is undesirable.

Of course, the responsibility and the authority to make the decision is yours.

I have now checked the behavior of 0.9.0 beta 18 more closely, and fond out that in my mind I have oversimplified its behavior. What it does is the following:

(a) Case: local hyperlink, file chooser: If a hyperlink to a local file is inserted using the file chooser, the resulting URL has "%20" where there is a space in the path to the file.

(b) Case: local hyperlink, text field: If I enter a hyperlink to the local folder "C:\Users\Dan Polansky\" manually, using the action Insert > Hyperlink (Text Field), I save the map, and open it again, the path is left unmodified, which is the behavior that I have requested.

It seems to me that the best handling of URLs, including (i) spaces and "%20", (ii) automatic conversion as soon as the user enters the hyperlink manually, (iii) entering relative and absolute paths when using the file chooser, depending on the user settings, (iv) the mandatory presence of "file:///" is a topic complex enough to warrant detailed attention, possibly in Open Discussion forum, not in the phase aiming to come to a final release.

Best regards,