Dear Chris,

You write that "Spaces must not occur in URLs." Is there any basis for the quoted statement? And on the supposition that they must not, how is it that they do occur in URLs in OpenOffice and in Microsoft Office? From what I understand, file URLs were originally not URLs proper; they were not specified in some of the first RFCs that specifed what a URL is. I do not know the state of the matter today, but if the major providers of office software keep the spaces, I do not think there can be any basis for the strong normative (not descriptive and not scientifically testable) statement "Spaces must not occur in URLs of life."

The usability concern, for me and, judging from some forum messages, for other users, is that spaces are easier to read, easier to enter manually, they are pasted into FreeMind from other applications, and are the de facto standard in file URLs. That is why I think that spaces should (weak non-descriptive requiring statement) be kept, instead of being replaced with "%20".

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On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 10:58 AM, Christian Foltin <> wrote:
Hi Dan,

what is the reason? Spaces must not occur in URLs. Even for local files, the URLS contain %20 instead (verify with your browser, please). We have fixed the issue with windows2k in opening this form of URL and now, everything works as expected, AFAIK.


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> Dear Chris,
> I have created a new issue in the Issues tracker, requiring that spaces in
> the URLs of local files are left unconverted to "%20".
> See also:
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> Dan

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