Dear all,

herewith, I am officially handing over all my responsibilities and authorizations in the role of FreeMind director to Christian Foltin; this new role of Christian Foltin shall become valid as soon as he agrees to take over this role in a public answer to this email.

The following two lists are not comprehensive.

The responsibilities AKA duties include the following:
-- to guarantee high quality in final releases, preventing regressions against previous versions as far as possible
-- to prevent copyright breaches and irresponsible dealing with copyright issues
-- to coordinate translation efforts
-- to ensure that the documentation in the mind map is updated upon final release, either by updating it himself or by delegating the task

The authorizations AKA rights include the following:
-- to manage the FreeMind wiki, including its engine and its content
-- to manage all the technical items at FreeMind's SourceForge project, including shell services, database services, CVS, trackers, forums, and the mailing lists.
-- to determine the label of a release, like alpha, beta, RC, and final
-- to block a version from releasing because of insufficient quality
-- to add and remove members of the FreeMind team.

I wish the new director good luck in his efforts.

Best regards,
Daniel Polansky
FreeMind director