Dear Dimitry,

I would like to set straight one more statement that was implicit in your email, namely that there are two lawgivers, one above the other, namely me and Chris.

This is not so. Chris has the final say as regards the code and its architecture. I have refrained from interfering with architecture of 0.8.0 and 0.9.0, despite the fact that in my view, the smallish architecture of 0.7.1 is much better. I have never payed any attention to the design of APIs, although I would surely gladly influence this area.

Put differently, the areas in which Chris has the final say and in which I have the final say do not overlap.

The current arrangement is a result of an agreement, which was free; no one was forced to accept the agreement. All the freedoms and rights of all the participants have been respected. No agreement has been broken, AFAIK.

Best regards,