Hi Dimitry,

thanks; that is a good idea. The list as shown by the link is indeed the list of bugs reported by me, and that is what I meant.

It would still make sense that you look also at other bugs, especially those reported by Ray, and use your judgment in deciding which of these are serious, to be fixed.

In any case, more bug reports are to be expected from me.

I have now also added a link to the bugs in the SimplyHTML tracker to the wiki page.

Best regards,

On Jan 28, 2008 11:01 PM, Dimitry Polivaev <dpolivaev@gmx.de> wrote:
Hi Dan,

> Those are to be fixed that have been reported by me.

I have changed the link on the wiki page
so that only bugs submitted by you and belonging to group FreeMind 0.9.0
 are shown. Is the list correct?

Best regards, Dimitry