Hello Eric,

I am unsure whether you understood what I meant when speaking of relationships in contrast to substance. I only meant that my mail was not addressing the merit of the thing but rather the relationships in the project. I meant that I did not discuss the version numbering scheme; I was discussing the way in which you have addressed your proposal to the team. I had found your way insolent.

I have been told that relationships should be separated from the technical topic, but not ignored. I have been told that relationships should be treated too.

When I have received your initial email, I felt strange. I did not understand it, I have seen no examples, and it seemed overly unprofessional, difficult to read. Also, it said that unless I protest, I am bound to something. I felt need to make this a topic of itself. I felt need to clarify that there are certain roles and relationships between people and that certain styles of communication are inappropriate.

So again, it is inappropriate that you assume passive approval. I completely disagree with this. Whenenever you do it again, I declare with this email ahead that I disagreee with any of your suggestions formulated in this way.

Best regards,