Hi Eric,

I have started to tag the bugs solved in CVS by adding "(S:CVS)" to end of the title of the bug. That leaves the groups free for other purposes, and makes it obvious from the bug overview which bugs have been solved in CVS. All such bugs can also be found using SourceForge's keyword search, looking for "CVS" or "S:CVS"; I have tested this. Does it solve your problem?


On 10/21/07, Eric Lavarde <freemind@zorglub.s.bawue.de> wrote:

I'd like to come back to the tracker handling question, which is still
open for me.

Let's forget now on introducing a new tracking tool, and try to
concentrate on improving our usage of the SF one.

Trying to verify certain bugs, I had to fight with the fact that some
were already fixed by Dimitry in CVS, and I had no mean to filter them
out, effectively or at least visually.

I think, would we use "groups", we could greatly improve things:

1. items without group or with group "FreeMind 0.8.0" can be checked by
me (or other helpers with sufficient rights), and closed if issue
doesn't appear anymore in the latest beta, else group be changed to
"FreeMind 0.9.0".

Ray, are you able with your current rights to change the group of an
item? If yes, you could help :-)

2. items with group "FreeMind 0.9.0" can be fixed by a developer, then
moved into group "Fixed_In_CVS" (yet to be created).

3. testers check items with group "Fixed in CVS", and close if OK (after
next release), else setup back to group "FreeMind 0.9.0".

Could we this time have a quick and neat decision taking process?

Thanks, Eric