Hello past translator,

you have been added to freemind-translator mailing list, as, recently or in the more remote past, you have contributed a translation to FreeMind. Your email address that has been added to the mailing list is the one that you have at SourceForge, like for instance sfname@users.sourceforge.net.

By being a member of the mailing list, you will receive important notifications from FreeMind team directed towards the translators, like Call for translation. Only FreeMind team can post to this mailing list.

If you do not wish to receive these notifications, please pardon this nuissance and unsubscribe yourself from the mailing list, or if that fails, please ask     danielpolansky@users.sourceforge.net  for unsubscription.

Should you have any questions on the subscription and its purpose, do not hesitate to ask    danielpolansky@users.sourceforge.net .

Best regards,
Daniel Polansky