Hi Dimitry,

I too am disappointed with how long it takes to get things published. There is a simple solution: please stop adding features to 0.9.0 and modifying things; add them to a new CVS branch instead. That will lead faster to 0.9.0 final, with publishing of all the features that we have accumulated in 0.9.0 to a broad public. I am convinced that most people are careful not to use beta versions for productive use; they better should be.


On 7/29/07, Dimitry Polivaev <dpolivaev@gmx.de> wrote:
Dan Polansky schrieb:
> Hello,
> I think changing the default selection marker for the coming beta is not
> a good idea. The coming beta should better be a bug fix release above
> all, not trying new features. There has been a trouble with beta 9; the
> users of that version should have a kind of equivalent replacement, IMO.
> So, please, could you postpone changing the default selection marker to
> the beta after the next one?

Only if they could be produced in the same day. It is disappointing how
long I wait for things to become published.