Leaving items open until a solution is provided to the customer IS A DEFINED PROCESS, which is not to say it is a good one. Did you think of other options besides the one you have suggested? What about using other fields for filtering, like Category or Group? Both are currently used for other purposes, but that could be changed, depending what you consider your priority when filtering. There surely are some other solutions, possibly worse in some regard. It is just that I did not hear any other so far. --Dan

On 7/14/07, Dimitry Polivaev <dpolivaev@gmx.de> wrote:
The important thing is that we have a solution which is better than
nothing. If one had a better one we could use it too, but currently we
do not have any solution and any policy.

Leaving items open for an undefined period of time is not a way which
sounds like a defined and understood process, is it?

Best regards, Dimitry.