Hello Dimitri,

please do not make any substantial changes in the structure of FreeMind wiki until the 0.9.0 is released, just like we have agreed in our team negotiation recently.

Your proposal for an answer looks good; as far as I am concerned, feel free to use it. I personally am not going to act as a contact to anyone though; I am a busy person.

Best regards,

On 2/27/07, Dimitry Polivaev <dpolivaev@gmx.de> wrote:
In the past time we have received different posts from people offering
their help in the development of the FreeMind. I think that all such
mails should get answers from us. On the one hand help of more dedicated
people can help to shorter the development cycles and bring more
features. On the other hand it is not very polite if we do not answer at

I think that we could always write the same standard answer to this
standard question. Further we could place the text in the protected wiki
page so that people know how to contribute. Actually we already have it
there but avident he people can not find it until we rework the
structure of our wiki pages.

Dan: may I start reworking of the wiki pages right now or just after the
final release of 0.9.0 ? The reworking does not necessarily begins with
changing of the pages but with creating of the mind map containing the
new structure. But the in next steps the scheme contained in the map
should be implemented.

Well, I come back to the text. To make writing and reading of this text
easier I put the real help offering mail first:

> By: mika_m
> Hello
> I have some free time in my hands, and I would be willing to help in developing
> FreeMind. I haven't got
> any experience from "real" projects (open source or otherwise) but I know Java
> quite well, having used
> it in my own (very) small projects for several years. Being reasonably adept
> at programming, I think I
> could be of assistance.
> It would be probably best for me to start with some small and easy fixes
> / outstanding tasks; I assume
> there are many of those.
> I would be grateful, if you could give me some pointers or suggestions.
> Mika

Dear ...

thank you for your mail. There is a way how to contribute. We would be
happy if you could use it.

=== Contributing to the FreeMind ===

There are different possible ways of taking part in the FreeMind
development: the project needs people for developing, testing and
documenting of the program, and translating its interface and
documentation in foreign languages.

New developer starts by sending his contributions for example as
patches. Later on, he may get access to CVS repository. The process is
approximately as follows.

* Create a user account at SourceForge.
* Discuss your contribution (the change, feature, bug fix, documentation
or test plan) in our
[http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=22101 open discussion
* If the topic is accepted, start to change the actual CVS code. Be
careful to use the right CVS branch. Currently we use the branch with a
strange name "fm_060405_integration".
* For later merging of the code it could be better if you start from
code state already labeled by a tag, e.g. "fm_0_9_0_beta9".
* If you have any questions during the implementing feel free to ask
them in the "Open Discussion" forum. It is read by the other developers
who possible can help you.
* Post your contribution in the patch section of SourceForge or send it
by email to the current project manager. We do not respond immediately,
as FreeMind team consists of volunteers.
* After having successfully developed and integrated some items, you get
access to FreeMind's CVS repository at SourceForge.

You can find additional information here:


Best regards,
your FreeMind developers.

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